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ホーム»  Bentonite


Cleansing and moisturizing effects of the skin

Native to southwest of Iran, Bentonite is a type of clay mineral made of altered volcanic ash and lava. Bentonite is a collective name of rocks (minerals) and its component varies according to the region and place of its origin.

It is mainly composed of montmorillonite, and it also contains minerals such as quartz, mica, feldspar, and zeolite.

Bentonite is referred to as clay with over 1000 uses, and is actually applied for many purposes in varying industries and our daily living.

Absorption of water results in the increase of its volume by dozens. Its high viscosity, low rate of sedimentation, and the human body-friendly characteristics are highly valued in various fields.

As a component of cosmetics, it forms thin layer of film with water on the surface of skin, retaining moisture, rinsing off the sebum and the pore clogging dirt with fine creamy foam, leading the skin to be ideally balanced.

It is also rich in mineral and absorbs impurities. Its high performance in oxidation-reduction and ideal far-infrared wave emissivity are its characteristics as well.

Many researches and experiments account for the safe nature of Bentonite as a perfectly inorganic mineral free of decay.




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