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Hippophae Rhamnoides seed oil

Hippophae Rhamnoides seed oilHippophae Rhamnoides seed oil

Hippophae Rhamnoides seed oil
Antioxidative effect, conditions skins, moisture retention

Rhamnoides seed oil (Seaberry oil) is also called Sea buckthorn oil. This is an oil extract obtained from seeds and fruits of Sea buckthorn (Elaeagnaceae) that is growing wild in areas including Eastern Europe and China.

As a sea buckthorn likes sunlight and is so vigorous as to grow well even under severe environments, it is also called “Willy.” Meanwhile, it is also known as “Hippophae” in Japan, it is used as a wild medicinal plant in China. With its strong antioxidative effect, it is highly effective for skin-care such as giving vitality in dried skins or tired skins. It is contained in cosmetics for antioxidant and anti-aging purposes. Containing a lot of unsaturated fatty acid including palmitoleic acid, it promotes regeneration of skin cells and helps heal damages.
Called as “great source of vitamins and nutrients,” its orange colored fruit contains a proper balance of various substances including palmitoleic acid, various minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium; zinc, and vitamins, amino acid, polyphenol carotenoid, vitamin E, flavonoid, and organic acid. Containing abundant vitamin C and other vitamins such as vitamin E and beta-carotene, its abundant nutrients provides skins with rich-moisture, firmness, and transparency, and prevents skin irritations.




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