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Xanthan gum

Xanthan gumXanthan gum

Natural viscosity and conditions skins

Xanthan gum is acid polysaccharide generated from fermented carbohydrates (such as glucose) with Xanthomonas bacteria. The water solution is microbially-derived natural gum substance whose high-molecular-weight shows unique viscosity. Without depending on chemical ingredients, it shows natural viscosity. As it shows viscosity once combined with water, it is widely used for various purposes including thickeners and thickening agents. With effects of retaining moisture and adding viscosity, it is used as binders, emulsifiers, emulsion stabilizers, skin conditioners, hydrophilic thickeners and stabilizers. Making a protective film on surface of skins, it provides skins with firmness.
It is used for purposes not only as emulsion stabilizers for milky lotions and creams, but also as binding agents for making powdered cosmetics to solid ones. By adding it to milky lotions and face lotions, it increases viscosity of liquid and improves moistness.




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