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Ziziphus spina-christ (Rhamnaceae)

Ziziphus spina-christ (Rhamnaceae)Ziziphus spina-christ (Rhamnaceae)

Ziziphus spina-christ (Rhamnaceae)
Features:Cleansing effect / Prevents hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, infection, and bacteria / Natural lather

The place of its origin is Hormozgan, Kerman Prefecture in southern part of Iran. Highly vigorous trees have large thorns, and known for the depictions of Jesus Christ’s crown. Its fruit have been consumed as food, whereas the leaves have been used as the ingredients of body and hair cleanser in many scenes from the ancient times. As an indispensable cure-all, it had been prized and valued for an array of purposes, including therapeutic and cosmetic.
Since Ziziphus spina-christ is rich in saponin, tannin, and estrol, it resolves the stressful lack of foamy feel and shampooed satisfaction often felt with many natural shampoo products. The product has cleansing, scalp control and beauty effects, leaving the hair and scalp moisturized.




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