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Damask Rose Water

Damask Rose WaterDamask Rose Water

Damask Rose Water
Natural fragrance, hydrating, antibacterial/anti-inflammation effect

Grown in Kashan, an oasis city in a desert in central Iran (where roses were first grown). Unlike ornamental roses, the roses of Kashan are native species and have not been bred. Native roses have a strong fragrance and contain many constituents.

Rosa Gallica

History and folk legend
Roses were first grown in Iran and have continued to be grown there since ancient times. Sappho, a female Greek poet in the 6th century BC, describes the red rose as the “queen of flowers.” In Rome, roses were often used in festivals, and their petals were consumed as food. Rose water was first extracted by Ibn Sina -Avicenna- (980-1037). During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, roses were precious items used to treat depression.

Rosa gallica(ロザ ガリカ)
Rosa gallica(ロザ ガリカ)

Ever since Ibn Sina (Avicenna) discovered a method to extract essential oil from roses, it has been used as medical remedies by scientists and physicians. Roses contain tannin, which have a toning effect on skin and closes pores, as well as elements that soothe inflammations and phenol, a softener. They stimulate and strengthen capillaries and calm and soothe inflamed skin.

In recent years, the effects of the scent of roses on the human body have been scientifically proven. It not only relaxes the mind and body, reduces stress, and balances the hormones but also stimulates the brain and raises the level ofestrogen, which in turn promotes healthy, beautiful skin.
※Estrogen is a hormone that promotes supple, resilient skin.

Damask Rose Water contained in Mofid is extracted from roses grown organically under the bright sunshine and arid climate of Kashan, an oasis city in the desert of central Iran (located over 2,500 meters above sea level) where the days are very hot and nights very cool. The petals are handpicked before dawn and put in a distillation pot with natural spring water before the day is over.
The traditional steam distillation method is used to extract highly concentrated rose water (first distillate), which is used in Mofid.


Damask Rose Water of the highest quality

Mofid uses no water, only organically-grown Damask Rose Water. Since rose water has preservative properties, only a minimal amount of chemical preservatives is used in the product. It is an exclusive natural preservative.

Distillation method

Distillation method
Thirty kilograms of rose petals are boiled for more than six hours in 70 liters of boiling water. Rose water is the 30 liters of liquid extracted from the steam that travels through a pipe. Rose water that is 100% natural contains a high concentration of rose constituents.



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