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ホーム»  Skin care»  Mofid Natural Skin Lotion<Toner・Essence> ※out of stock※ (Tax-including price)

Mofid Natural Skin Lotion<Toner・Essence> ※out of stock※ (Tax-including price)


It contains plenty of moisturizing, whitening, and vitamin C ingredients such as cucumber fruit extract extracted from natural plants. We have further increased the concentration of "Damask Rose Water" due to the world's best pesticide-free cultivation from Iran. The pleasant scent of elegant damask rose envelops the skin.



(1) Almost 100% of "Damask Rose Water" is used instead of water.
(2) The extraction method of Damask rose water is a traditional steam distillation method.

All ingredients

We do not use any synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, synthetic surfactants, mineral oils, or preservatives.
Naturally derived raw materials about 99.8%


All ingredients

Damask rose flower water, tri (caprylic acid/capric acid) glyceryl, glycerin, polyglyceryl myristate -10, behenyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, arabian rubber, guar gum, a Loe extract, xanthan gum, licorice root extract, cucumber fruit extract, soybean extract, trehalose, melia azadilacta leaf extract, turmeric extract, sium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, 1,2-hexanediol, capri Lil glycol, water, ammallow fruit extract, hydrolyzed collagen, silver

How to use

After washing your face, please use it on your skin prepared with serum. Take one or two large azuki beans on your fingers and stretch them to massage the entire face.

How to use it like this!

[hand] As a hand cream

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  • Mofid Natural Skin Lotion<Toner・Essence> ※out of stock※ (Tax-including price)

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