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Natural mofid cosmetics "Beauty Lotion Shampoo","Natural Damask Rose Soap","Baby Shampoo" and "Damask Rose Hair Milk" have been certified Halal.

It will be the first cosmetic product in Japan to obtain Halal certification. The safety of the product has been recognized worldwide.

August 2014.
Acquired "Mofeed Serum Shampoo", "Mofeed Natural Damask Rose Soap" and "Mofuid Baby Shampoo" certification
August 2015.
Obtained "Mofeed Damask Rose Hair Milk" certification.

Halal certification is given to foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. that do not contain what is prohibited by Islam, and strictly examines raw materials, manufacturing processes, product quality, etc. and certifies only those that conform to it. . Not only religious prohibitions, but also hygiene and quality control are thoroughly investigated, so it is impossible for those with hygiene problems to obtain Halal certification. In other words, Naturalemo Feed has been recognized worldwide for the safety of its products.


At the factories in Itakura Town, Gunma Prefecture, which manufactures Mofid products, and Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, investigators of the Japan Asia Halal Association actually conducted an in-site inspection and conducted a rigorous investigation in every detail.

What is Halal?
It refers to items allowed by Islamic law. In Islam, pigs, alcohol, etc. are prohibited. It is Halal that does not contain these in food. Cows, sheep, chickens, etc. are not prohibited, but only livestock according to Islamic manners are allowed. The opposite of Halal is Haram, which means something you shouldn't eat.

Halal certified products
・Serum shampoo
・Baby shampoo
・Natural Damask Rose Soap
・Damask Rose Hair Milk



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