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Shahram Mohammad, Development Manager

Shahram Mohammad, Development Manager

Twenty-eight years ago, I came to Japan, which has become my second homeland. When I heard people of Japan talking about their health and beauty problems, I had flashbacks of my childhood and adolescence in my homeland of Persia. I grew up with my grandmother, who made shampoo and soap from plants, and so I learned about the power of plants in everyday life.
For example, a mixture of “Heracleum” and yogurt cured acne, and the native-grown “Ziziphus spina-christi” alleviated itchy scalp and dandruff and promoted hair growth. “Yunani” herbal medicine was a part of daily life. There was a solution for every problem in my day-to-day surroundings.

This wisdom and practice passed down from my grandmother are indeed “Yunani,” the ancient Persian tradition that dates back thousands of years.

After years of conducting experiments based on the basic principles of “Yunani,”
I finally arrived at Mofid Beauty Essence Shampoo.
This shampoo delivers the medicinal and therapeutic power of natural plants for beautiful, healthy hair. It was developed in collaboration with Dr. Razani Hossein (graduate of the Graduate School of Tokyo University).

Dr. Razani Hossein, Doctor of Agriculture

Dr. Razani Hossein, Doctor of Agriculture

We believe that this new century is the century of health. Humans are born to live vivacious, sparkling lives. Everybody hopes to stay healthy and enjoy life for as long as we are alive. However, factors such as the destruction of nature, high stress, and aging society are making our environment tougher to live in year after year.
We consequently have made it our mission to promote health with natural remedies and food based on the traditional medicines of “Ayurveda” from India, “Oriental Medicine” from China, and “Yunani” from Persia passed on through history from one generation to the next.



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