Mofid’s “Beauty Serum Shampoo” and “Natural Damask Rose Soap” are Halal Certified

Nature Mofid Co., Ltd. obtained Halal Certification for “Mofid Beauty Serum Shampoo” , “Natural Damask Rose Soap” and “Mofid Baby Shampoo” in August 2014, which are the first Halal certified cosmetic products in Japan.

Halal Certification is awarded only to foods and non-food items that do not contain any item or ingredient prohibited in Islam. After a rigorous examination of ingredients, production process and quality, only products that meet the standard can be Halal certified. In order to be Halal certified, a thorough examination is conducted on the products to determine if they don’t contain any item prohibited in Islam, as well as meet the sanitary and quality standards. Thus, any product with sanitary problems will not be Halal certified.
This means safety of Nature Mofid’s products is globally recognized.



Examiners from Nippon Asia Halal Association conducted a rigorous and thorough examination at the factories manufacturing Mofid’s products in Itakura town, Gunma prefecture and Sakura city, Chiba prefecture.

Halal means items that are permissible in Islamic law. Islamic law prohibits items such as pork and alcohol. Any food not containing such prohibited items is considered Halal. Although beef, mutton, and chicken are not prohibited, they must be slaughtered based on Islamic law in order to be Halal certified. The opposite of Halal is Haram, which means unlawful or prohibited food.

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